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Friday, September 3, 2010

Good looking packaging

I am a sucker for packaging. The first impression is a lasting one for me and often is what I base my purchasing decisions on. So if a book had an ugly cover, I wouldn't buy it, even if it was a bestseller.

So when I do my shopping for groceries, I always default to Waitrose products because they do have a great  design, always modern and eye catching. They did change their tinned tomatoes label a while back and I really liked it.

Their other canned products have a really modern streamlined look which I totally buy too.

Harvey Nichols food market is one of the places I love to get lost in. Their elegant style extends to the food aisles and I know the exorbitant prices are for the packaging not the product but who can resist.

This is the espresso gift hamper which includes cups, coffee and cookies. I could reuse the tins so that would make paying 50 quid for this less insane...?
 At this design packaging blog The, they featured this stunning range of hot sauces.

The packaging was designed by a student Stephanie Hughes. She created recipe books that uses mini bottles as a bookmark, how clever !

The cork stoppers and chunky bottles in a wooden mini crate add a really nice rustic feel to the product.

Where can I get some ?!

What about this adorable honey bottles?

Also a feature on, the design company Ah&Oh fashioned cute glass bottles to look like the bumble bee.

This is beyond cute.

Another super design that I could not get over, was this origami packaging for a dessert company Meringue, by student Samira Khoshnood. How absolutely beautiful isn't it?

 I say, produce this in opaque plastic so we can reuse it as a cake box. On that note, have a lovely weekend everyone, hope you see something gorgeous in your everyday surroundings too!

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