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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Domestic goddess

As I fuss over the kitchen conjuring up menus for the day / week , I am always running out of clean dishcloths and so I think, it's time for an apron. Besides, it can get a little mundane having to cook everyday and maybe having a cute little outfit for the kitchen might just add a little colour and more. 

Here are some aprons I would consider. These romantic aprons are from Aussie shop Mozi 

Seltzer Studios has this fun one for USD 32.00. The pocket would be useful. 

Or this Grace half apron which is so sweet and vintage inspired, at USD 31.00. Almost wearable outdoors.

This sexy number from Cupcake Provocateur is pretty wild eh? More for a Bewitched theme party than any practical use I think. If I were a Harajuku girl...

Of course I had to see what Anthropologie had and this caught my eye. A lace up apron in blue or purple.

The Bountiful Bubbles design is kinda kitsh but might be too fussy.

The creative souls at, had some lovely handmade ones. SugarPieChic made this with Amy Butler's fabrics.


Mariemadelinestudio's aprons are adorable and so pretty. This is called the chic sisters collection.

The frilly fandango !

And the pleated cottage aprons.

I want them all !

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Z said...

Looking for "cute outfit for the kitchen"? How about - school girl uniform, cheerleader outfit, naughty librarian? Aprons - FUHGEDABOUDIT!