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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to the day .....

Remember the days of Disney's Bambi or 101 Dalmations ? The Illusionist was released earlier this year in Europe to lukewarm response. It would seem it failed to stand up to the the louder, fast moving cartoons like Shrek. It's like watching an old man trained in clock repairs with his rickety tools, stand in the same ring as a young techie fixing computer viruses online.

The screenplay was written in 1956 by Jacques Tati and the plot is about a struggling illusionist who meets a young lady and a paternal relationship develops. The reason why it took so long for it to be made was apparently because Tati wrote it for one of his daughters, whom he felt guilty of abandoning. In his own way, he was trying to reconnect with her.

I have a feeling I will like this film.

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