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Monday, June 14, 2010


The same day England played their first World Cup game with USA, we had tickets to Bill Bailey, stand-up comedian. This was a little unfortunate but we wouldn't give these seats up as this performance was quite special. Bailey, these days, perform in stadiums to thousands. He decided to give back to his fans by doing a one night special at the Leicester Square Theatre, that only seats 500. Not only that, he was selling tickets on the cheap, just 12 pounds a pop!

When he announced this gig, tickets just evaporated. T who called the hotline at 2 minutes past was turned away. She went mental and apparently had a go at the organisers and managed to score 6 tickets !

So World Cup or not, we were going to this gig. Neither D nor T had ever been to this theatre so when we arrived, the place just blew us away. The theatre was tucked away in Chinatown, next to Prince of Wales, an arty film house.

As you descend the steps into Basement 1, you were ushered into a room that is like a small movie theatre. What set this theatre apart from the rest, were two bars, flanking each side of the theatre!

You could get cocktails, beers or wine and sit through the act with it. Truly old school and why not ?!

The man came on and he was just brillant. His jokes were very assessable and had people in stitches. Because the theatre was so tiny, the whole performance felt very intimate. He was picking on front row patrons, threw questions to the crowd and people responded well. He was particularly funny when he blended jokes with guitar riffs and he did so seamlessly. The night was perfect except that he gave up the football score during the second act.

Here is a old clip of Bailey's past performance to give you a taste of his brand of humour.

Thanks again T for making this night happen!

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