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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happenings in Doha

There was a tremendous sandstorm yesterday and walking out meant being blasted by 49 degree hot winds. The weather within the next 3 months are going to be hard and even hotter. However in September onwards, temperatures dip to below 30 degrees and we were told that it is a lovely time as the heat is dry and people can go swimming in the sea without feeling like being slowly boiled alive.

Sometime in October when it is even nicer, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival takes place and this would be the second year running. The original festival was started by Robert De Niro  in New York after 9-11. The festival has grown bigger each year and in 2010, was imported into Doha by the royalty.

Those who attended some of the screenings, all uncensored, were raving about the event.
I looked it up and found some impressive coverage.

Last year they hosted the event outdoors next to the iconic Museum of Islamic Art photographed here on the left of the giant screen. 

On the opening night, they bathed the museum in azure glow while guests parade down the pink carpet made of LED lights.

Ben Kinglsey were among the guests here last year and in 2010, they have Martin Scorsese on the list.

I am excited about attending the event this year. Apparently the Tribeca Film Festival has a full staff based in Doha, who have set up production teams and sponsoring partnerships and foundations. Things in Doha are looking up.

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