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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bit of Jazz

 Last night T booked us tickets to watch a live jazz performance at London's (and some say the wor'd's) most famous jazz club - Ronnie Scotts. The club celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and featured, in its times, giants like Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie.

When it first started, it used to be in dingy Chinatown, with second-hand furniture and served just tea. New owners in the 90s gave it a new lease of life as a plush supperclub in Soho. We arrived just before 7 and the place was buzzing with well dressed patrons and even more smart looking waiters flitting gracefully about with giant trays of martinis and wine glasses.

The opening band came on shortly after the waiter got our orders and the lights were dimmed. The trio consisted of a pianist, a double bass player and a drummer. The pianist and bass player were clearly veterans and very cool and relaxed. The drummer was much younger and had the tight shirt and punk hairdo. They were all very good especially the drummer and between songs, we found out that he was actually an award winning drummer who toured with Take That ( which explains the hairstyle!)

We came to watch the main act which was Kyle Eastwood and his band. He is the eldest son of Clint Eastwood and looked just like his old dad.

The songs played were all original tracks from their albums. Some were scores from movies like Letters from Iwo Jima. Kyle was very impressive, switching between the double bass and the electric guitar. The music was best of all, very assessable. Free form jazz can sometimes get too creative for me.

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