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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old New Look

Saw this photo on Apartment Therapy today and it grabbed me.

A persian rug in the kitchen? Yet it is really a rug, only that it is synthetic. Liore Manne's LAMONTAGE rug is woven with polyester fibers and so is water resistant. Perfect for a kitchen or outdoors and even the bathroom.

I prefer the rug in the top photo because it looks like the persian rug in our living room but I would never waste a good rug in a place like the kitchen but a beautiful lookalike that is durable would be perfect for an outdoor dining room for example.

On a different but similar note, I found these Arabesque-inspired tablewares at a mall in Dubai recently. Made with PVC, they marry practicality with style. The designer Peggy Raphael Dabar puts a contemporary spin on the traditional.

Images D'Orient

I was tempted by the whole range and there were so many but bought just the one bottle coaster for now.


The soap dishes are stunning.

And even these tea boxes.

How does one decide?!

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