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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The hunt for bread

The hunt for good bread is officially over. A few months ago after we moved to Doha, I complained that there was no place to get a decent loaf and so made some home loaves from watching videos online.

Results were good but I soon got lazy. Then just one day, while having brunch in La Cigale Hotel, we chanced upon giant loaves of bread that were baked fresh that day. Since then, we always went back there whenever we ran out.

Two days ago, I found yet another bread heaven and this time, it was in a Belgium cafe Le Pain Quotidien. A chain with numerous outlets scattered across the globe unfortunately nowhere in Southeast Asia.

Rows of crusty brown goodness stacked high behind the counters. Yeast free, explained the manager. Arrives in Doha frozen and baked on site.

We ordered some open sandwiches to try and they brought us a platter of some warm breads to try.
I had the cold tartine of egg and T had the hot steak sandwich with melted cheese.

My humble egg sarnie had a sprinkle of capers and a hint of sweet cucumber relish with hardly any mayo, it was a perfect lunch. Will try to make it at home, I brought a boule of brown bread home too.

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