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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Vintage Cases

In the process of organising my home, I had to buy these ugly but functional milky white plastic boxes from carrefour. They did the job of storage but could not be displayed due to their inherent hideousness.

During a coffee break, I surfed the net and found these beautiful vintage cases that I wish I could get my hands on. Wouldn't it be super to have these displayed along the shelves and to keep knick knacks in ?

GetReadySetGo on etsy has these vintage train cases upcycled with fresh colours and handpainted playful designs.

Or these from another etsy seller Brightwall

Brightwall also had this beauty for sale at USD 90.
A mobile cocktail bar ! How perfect !

I found one from Roundtrip and really liked it so bought it for USD 60. It would look fab and I think I might use it to store baby stuff. Maybe even travel with it to carry bottles, nappies, creams and other baby things. What do you think?

I can't wait for it to be delivered!

But besides train cases, I have noticed that steel or aluminum trunks are making their way back and some of the designer labels like Ralph Lauren, Dunhill and Massimo Dutti have used them in their window displays.

Have you noticed them too ? I think they add a really modern and classy touch to living rooms as coffee tables or as side tables.

Then again not everyone likes the polished aluminium look but what about the leather trunks. Blogger Girl meets Glamour had these photos that I simply drooled over.

Timothy Oulton, a london based antiques dealer and reproductionist has a stunning collection of furniture that includes trunks. If you have a penchant for old stuff you must check it out.

He is also responsible for these pieces featured in Restoration Hardware stores in the US.

A repo antique steamer trunk $2995 covered in vintage cigar leather. What a stunner eh ?

Or this clever media unit that has openings for wiring at $ 1895.

Definitely an heirloom piece don't you think?

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