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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good cheap eats

Not long ago I blogged about our trip to Thai Snack, an establishment that is popular with locals and expats alike for its cheap and great food.

We missed it then because we turned up too late but a few days ago, we found ourselves in Al Sadd area again so decided to pop in for lunch. The place was fairly crowded but we scored a table that was unfortunately next to the window so I was sweating like crazy even though we were indoors.

The restaurant was simple and we could be in Thailand I swear. The Thai royalty photos were hung high above the walls, looking over the patrons. Plastic tablecloths and cheap aluminium cutlery lined the tables. The menu was extensive, including seafood, rice and noodle dishes, dumplings, spring rolls and more. You could see the cooks huddling over great big vats of boiling stock and tossing noodles which is always a good sign.

I licked my lips and ordered a roast duck noodle soup while T decided to try the Pad Thai chicken. That would be te ultimate test, a good thai makes a good pad thai. We also got some morning glory as a side.

Prices were not comparable to Thailand but cheap for Doha standards. Our 3 dishes with a lemon juice and a salted prune juice, came up to 40 riyals. 2 coffees and a muffin at starbucks cost the same.

The broth of my noodle soup was excellent, the duck succulent and very very tasty. T's pad thai was divine, not oily and full of flavour. The veggies were fresh with a touch of spice and crunchy to the bite. Top points.

I just heard that the dinner party we are attending tomorrow will be catered by Thai Snack ! I simply cannot wait !!

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