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Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Ombre

Sooooo, I know I have been missing for months and yes I have some excuses but not good enough. It has been crazy busy with house hunting, then house moving, then house nesting etc etc. Since the last post, there was some travelling done as well. We were in London for 12 days and spent it mostly at home with family showing off the young boy.

Anyway, I am now armed with a new computer and things are settling to a sane speed so I am back with my first post in months.

The new house is looking great but still, finishing touches required. Pictures and shelves need hanging but that will be done quickly enough. We shipped in our own from KL because we were tired of living in rented furniture. Besides, they were bile. I was convinced the couch had lice and felt itchy each time I got close.

So now, with that stuff out, and my plush cream couch in place, I went in search of decorating projects. The first on the list, is a cheap armchair with a cream cotton cover. The cover was looking ragged and I had some dyes in my box. A packet of Ocean Blue and Bahama Blue. Perfect for my first experiment with ombre, a technique of creating graduation of colours on dye jobs.

Here are some stunning examples.

Ombre curtains from Anthro.

What about these dresses!

I watched a few youtube tutorials and was ready to have a go.

The ends were dunked in the different colours but for the middle portion, I shuffled between the two dyes to achieve a gradient. Well I tried.


I must have left the cover in for too long or perhaps the buckets were too tall as you can see the line across the mid section. 

The end result was splotchy but I can live with it. Might try it again but with a lighter fabric this time.

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