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Monday, March 14, 2011

For the Nigella within

Lakeland, a kitchen shop has just opened in Doha and it stocks a range of cool kitchen gadgets that one doesn't need but gotta have!

I found some ridiculous things like this..

A storage specifically for bananas and Del Monte ones too.

This I quite

A mould to make those funny faces. How do you get the lollies to look like that? I was curious too. Only need to see the back of the packet to understand.

Would be great for kids no?

For the leftover lemons or half of limes in your fridges? ! Cute but no.

We did cave and bought a thermometer cos it was too cool to pass up. Even though we bought one just two days ago. This one is digital, explains T. 

There are shelves of jam jars, books on making jams, preserving thermometers and decorative labels for the jars, just perfect for the domestic goddesses. 

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